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Episode 6

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

The Panel

George Drage

Connor P

Links and News

PayPal denies plan to block Safari, iPhone Instant Message Patent Points to Upcoming MMS, Backround IMs, GPS Module, Safari safe from PayPal, for now, Why ‘no Macs’ is no longer defensible IT strategy, Firefox 3’s new bookmarking system, Apple Quarterly Results: 2.2 Million Macs, 10.6 Million iPods and 1.7 Million iPhones Sold, Apple: 200,000 iPhone developers so far, Parallels Desktop sells over one million units, Apple Calls for WWDC Developers, Launches iPhone SDK Beta 4, Another iPhone SDK update, another iPhone 2.0 build, when will it stop?, Gold-plated Macbook Air, iPhone unpacking Like never seen before, Pro tip of the Week: iCal, your powerful personal assisant

Episode 5

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

In today’s episode Chris Wall, Billy Hime and Connor Bevans join us to talk about these topics.

Twitter Saves Berkeley Student Arrested in Egypt

Apple Releases Safari 3.1.1

Aluminum MultiTouch MacBook,

Busy Sync adds iCal to Google calendar sync 

Skype may offer unlimited international calling for $9.95

 The iPhone video threat: Can networks keep up? 

Apple Q2 2008 Financial Results

Episode 4

Monday, April 21st, 2008


The Panel

George Drage

Connor Bevans 

Billy Hime

Connor Jackson 

Chris Collins 

Tucker Weinmann  

Links and News

MacHeist Retail Bundle: 12 Mac AppsFring Release Native iPhone ApplicationMacUpdate Bundle:Parallels and 9 more Mac Apps for $64.99Apple Quietly Releases Apple TV 2.0.2 UpdateNew iPhone Firmware allows you to save web imagesFirefox introduces New Rickroll ProtectionMinimize a window and freeze it 

Music made by Lewis King Intro created by Connor Bevans


Episode 3

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Apple Juice Topic’s:

In this episode of  Apple Juice I talk about:

Contact Search iPhone Australia 3G3G iPhone Pricing to Remain at $399, $499? Launch at WWDC?Adobe Launches Media Player 1.0 for Mac and PCiPhone to support GPS, stereo bluetooth, Nike+A Gasoline- Powered PC?, Stupid iPhone Tricks, iChabberMicrosoft RDC, MacBook Air UpdateLife Record medical software improves iPhone supportPro Applications UpdateWhat is Rick Rolling?

Music made by Lewis King and Intro created by Connor Bevans

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