A podcast about what really makes up apple today, the juice. The Apple Juice Show is a podcast on all things apple, yes, if we were a store we’d have overstock on it, and we’re passing the savings on to youuuuu, well, there really isn’t any savings, because it’s already free! So take a seat on our comfy couch of apple tech, and sink in.

About the Host

George Drage

  • Host/Executive Producer

George has been in the podcasting world for over 2 years he also manages a personal blog. George also has a full-time Web Business where he Designs, Consults, and works with non-profits organizations helping them by making them a website and connecting them with email. He does all of this and is a full-time high school student. No one knows how George does it. Managing 2 podcasts, running a web consulting business and attend school full-time.

Web Team

The talented staff at the Apple Juice Show Web Team have been working hard to provide both content, and style for the website and are always trying to make it better. So to give them credit, we gave you a list of all the people who have been making this site what it is.

Connor Bevans

  • Blog Editor-in-Chief

Connor Bevans has been twittering, blogging, and podcasting for over one year and has had an interest in technology for as long as he can remember. Not only does he do things like write, paint, sing, act, and take part in videography and photography, but he integrates these things within the technology world. Trained in the Kung-Fu powers of Logic Pro, Aperture, Photoshop, and Final Cut, Connor attempts to make his way in every aspect of the very techy world that is today. If you would like to contact Connor Bevans please email him here.

Mike Gdovin

  • Blogger and Occasionally on the Podcast

Mike originally thought that computer skills were worthless and would never be needed but, he soon found out that he was totally wrong.  Mike subscribes to many podcasts as well as blog and is fully engulfed in the wave on new media. Mike co-founded Tecker. with Michael Plasmeier and created Tecker on August 21st.. Mike also co-hosts the video podcast, Tecker 911 a podcast for new computer users to about Technology relevant to their daily life. Mike writes on his blog, Gdovin.net ,  every day mostly about technology and many posts are related to Apple and Gdovin.net also does some video posts in addition to written posts. Mike hosts a news podcast called The Weekly Spin, which discusses the newest tech news every Monday.  Mike is a big fan of Cloud computing and launched a website dedicated to cloud computing called cloud scoop.