Episode 14

“Getting iReady”

In todays episode with the host George Drage, Billy Hime is back and we are discussing our process of Getting iReady go over the iPhone news and when the launch is, what time we will be getting to the at&t stores. Billy and I will be streaming on our phones with Qik. Billy will be getting the Black iPhone and I am still deciding on white or black and both of us for 100 dollars more we will be going with the 16gb. Also the MacBook Air with the SSD price has gone down by $500. MobileMe box’s have been started to ship and there has been something said that if my email were to be george@mac.com you could change the mac to a me and I would still be able to receive the email, I have tried that and it works. A rumor has said that Radio Shack and Best Buy might sell the new iPhone.

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