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iPhone 3.0 Specs.

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Today, Apple gave a preview of what is to come in the next version of the iPhone Software, iPhone 3.0. There has been a lot of speculation about features that will be added to the new software and what will not but, now, we are proud to review the key features of iPhone 3.0!

  1. In-App Purchase- As usual Apple has found a great way to revolution an old business. This time, it was subscirption servies like newspaers and magazines. The new SDK now allows users to buy addition content such as magazine issues or game levels from with in a third-party application. This will build a large market of mobile content providers and will be very successful.
  2. Peer-to-Peer Connectivity- This is a great feature for both work and play because it allows people to connect devices over WiFi or Bluetooth. This could be used as a method of sharing data for work or playing games against one-another.
  3. Third-Party Accessory Applications- Apple is also opening up SDK support to let third-party accesory developers to develop apps to interact with the accessory. This will greatly expand the accessory market and will really expand the hardware of the iPhone.
  4. Push Notification– Finally, Apple has developed push notification and they claim it is due to battery issues that they did not implement background applications. This will push text, audio and badge notifications to the home screen.
  5. Turn-By-Turn Directions– Finally users can get turn by turn directions, however, they will only be through third-parties because Apple cannot due to Licencing issues.
  6. Cut, Copy and Paste- Thats right Apple has heard everyone’s complaints and they are implimenting a revolutionary method of copy and paste!
  7. Landscape Keyboard- There is no longer a need for getting third-party applications just to get a horizontal keyboard it will now be built in in all key applications and most importantly, Mail!
  8. MMS– Picture Messaging has been added which is great if you have a picture you need to share.
  9. Spotlight Search– Search will be implemented in all appications which is great because it will make data easier to access
  10. Stereo Bluetooth– Perfect if you want to use a stero Bluetooth headphone set,

This new software will be released to developers right now, and will be released to the public in the Summer for free to iPhone users and for $10 fee for iPodTouch owners, All-in-all it is a worthwhile upgrade!

Episode 1

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Apple Juice Topic’s:

In the 1st episode of Apple Juice I talk about:  

The release of Safari 3.1Hints of the iPod TouchUnlimited Music Plan for iTunesFlash iPhoneAirport Extreme Update, and 3G iPhone Rumor

Youtube video of  the iPhone rumor.

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