Episode 45

No promo code for 17+ apps

In this weeks Episode we have Colin and Bill join us.


  1. VoiceCentral integrates Google Voice with the iPhone
  2. Microsoft Targeting Apple Stores With New Retail Store Concept
  3. iTunes 8.2.1 Reportedly Breaks Palm Pre Syncing
  4. iPhone Server Farm Puts Old Models To Good Use
  5. iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 Released to Developers
  6. iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 Disables Unauthorized AT&T Tethering
  7. Apple to Bring Back Matte Displays as an Option on More Macs?
  8. Apple posts iMovie 8.0.4 update
  9. Apple Disables Promo Codes for App Store Applications with Mature (17+) Ratings


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  1. rankpay promo code Says:

    Google Voice is an absolute lifesaver. The functionality that it offers is amazing, for example the ability to have a brand new number. I have invites if anyone wants one. Also I hope that Apple rethinks the Google Voice app, hwo could such an unruly program get not accepted by Apple?

  2. Brad Cullen Says:

    Hmm… Interesting! I always love reading the posts on this website.

  3. Augustus Nuessen Says:

    Wow! Another exciting feature, that I?d love to use. I love you guys in Automattic!

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